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<gallery> Image:English Bellows.jpg|Hand-made English fireplace bellows


Welsh Love spoon, with hearts, lock and wheel

Image:John canton.jpg|Plaque to John Canton, Stroud, Gloucestershire

A variety of bread loaves in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, Farmers' market

Image:Gaily painted.jpg| '...gleaming brass and gaily-painted metalware....'
Saul. Gloucestershire Image:orangetrees.jpg|Orange trees on a street in Morocco Image:ingle nook.jpg |17th century English inglenook fireplace. Image:jazzclub.jpg |Imitation British-style telephone box used as the entrance to a jazz club in Havana, Cuba. Image:Pubsign.jpg|Stand-alone pub sign at France Lynch in the Cotswolds Image:Natcuba.jpg|Juke box and bust of Nat King Cole Image:Wurlitzer 1015.jpg|Original Wurlitzer 1015 Juke box Image:Cabotroof.jpgImage:The massive glass roof of Cabot Circus protecting shoppers from the elements Image:CoconutTree.jpg|Coconut tree in Cuba Image:SevernBridge.jpg|Severn bridge Image:British dimpled glass pint jug with ale.jpg|British dimpled glass pint jug Image:FrigateBird.jpg|Frigate bird Image:Orangedelivery.jpg|Delivering oranges in Tulum, Mexico Image:Weetabixinbowl.jpg|Two Weetabix in a bowl before milk is added Image:Horsebrass.jpg|Horse brass featuring Gloucester cathedral Image:TowelAnimal.jpg|Towel animal in a Mexican hotel Image:MexicanChairs.jpg|Highly decorated carved-back chairs in Mexico Image:Pillarboxes.jpg|Pillar boxes on the island of Madeira Image:CarouselHorses.jpg|Carousel horses near the Millennium Centre, Cardiff Image:CardiffCarousel.jpg|Carousel near the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Image:BrassBandTubas.jpg|Tuba section in a British Brass band Image:Chefs.jpg|Chefs wearing standard uniform Image:NewHollandTractor.jpg|A New Holland 5010 tractor used to convey visitors to the Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico Image:Greenrocer's Interior.jpg|Interior of a greengrocer's shop Image:Czech Artic.jpg|Articulated lorry operated by the Czech haulage company Autodoprava Tumpach Image:Currys Digital.jpg|A former Dixons high street store rebranded as Image:Double post box.jpg|A British pillar box with two apertures, one for stamped, and the other for franked, mail Image:Wallbox.jpg|Victorian wall box dating from the 1880s Image:YorkshireTea.jpg|Yorkshire Tea packaging. This variety is for use in a hard water area Image:StroudTicketMachine.jpg|Ticket machine at Stroud railway station, England Image:ButchersArms.jpg|Butchers Arms inn sign Image:FermentationVessels.jpg|Stainless steel fermentation vessels and new oak barrels at the Three Choirs Vineyard Image:GlosStatue.JPG|Living statue, Gloucester Image:Seafood.jpg|Seafood Image:Polish box.JPG|Post box in Krakow, Poland Image:Tethered balloon.JPG|Tethered helium balloon in Krakow, Poland Image:SevernTAG.JPG|e-TAG lane on the Second Severn Crossing, Wales Image:WoodenStile.JPG| Low-level stile File:Sporran.jpg|Dress sporran File:Kilt&Sporran.jpg|The modern Scottish kilt worn with formal evening wear File:Automaton.JPG|Automaton clock in Gloucester File:Lancet Arches.JPG|Lancet arches in Salisbury cathedral