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Kategorien allgemein[edit]

  • Cultural heritage monuments in Gaubitsch
  • Cultural heritage monuments in Fallbach
  • Cultural heritage monuments in Stronsdorf
  • Cultural heritage monuments in Mistelbach
  • Cultural heritage monuments in Ottenthal
  • Mills in Austria
  • Tithe (Zehenthof)
  • Pillories in Lower Austria (Pranger)
  • Busts of Franz Joseph I of Austria
  • Plague columns in Austria - (Pestsäulen)
  • Motte and bailey in Austria - (Motte oder Hausberg)
  • Cemetery chapels in Austria - [Friedhofskapelle)
  • Schools in Lower Austria
  • Gravestones

Kategorien für Kirchen[edit]

  • Churches in Bezirk Mistelbach
  • Immaculate Conception churches in Austria
  • Saint Andrew churches in Austria
  • Saint John of Nepomuk churches in Austria
  • Saint John the Baptist churches in Austria
  • Saint Leonard churches in Austria
  • Saint Lambertus churches in Austria
  • Saint Lawrence churches in Austria‎
  • Saint Markus chapels in Austria
  • Saint Martin churches in Lower Austria
  • Saint Nicholas churches in Austria
  • Saints Peter and Paul churches in Austria
  • Saint Sebastian churches in Austria
  • Saint Stephen churches in Austria‎
  • Holy Trinity churches in Austria‎
  • Church interiors in Austria
  • Category:Churches in Austria by patron saint

Heilige usw[edit]

  • Rectories in Lower Austria
  • Chapels in Lower Austria
  • Wayside shrines in Bezirk Mistelbach
  • Wayside crosses in Austria
  • Sculptures of Saint Florian in Lower Austria
  • Statues of John of Nepomuk in Lower Austria
  • Statues of John of Nepomuk in Bezirk Mistelbach
  • Sculptures of Saint Florian in Lower Austria
  • Statues of Saint Sebastian in Austria
  • Christ's Farewell to his Mother - Urlaubergruppe
  • Sculptures of Crucifixion group - Kreuzigungsgruppe
  • Maria columns in Austria - Mariensäule
  • Throne of Mercy in Austria - Gnadenstuhl
  • Statues of Pietà in Austria - Pieta
  • Sculptures of the Man of sorrows in Austria
  • Epitaphs in Lower Austria