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Biography - Juda S. Engelmayer[edit]

I am a Senior Vice President of the Government and Corporate Practice at 5W Public Relations, 5WPR,

I have worked for the American Jewish Congress and Rubenstein Associates, a New York based PR firm and for H. H. Carl McCall, the former New York State Comptroller.

Proudest of my family business, operated solely by my wife, it is a bit of New York’s Jewish history, Kossar’s Bialy Bakery on the Lower East Side.

Every once in a while I publish articles on politics, policy and even on local neighborhood matters.

As for the articles I add or edit, I spent a lot of time on early American Cooperative movement pieces, like some of its founders and projects. In addition, I have a penchant for Italian motorcycles, and British sports cars.

When I hear of a fascinating person whom I believe has done some significantly noteworthy things, I have added them to Wikipedia as well. Lawyers, businessmen, and doctors as well have been part of my Wikipedia activities.

What I find awful about Wikipedia is the way some editors rush to judgment believing they are acting in the public’s best interest, rather than taking time as a true scholar would do to make a piece better and Wikified. So much of the edits that I see on Wikipedia on personalities, politicians and events in time are, in my opinion, edits of bias and personal agendas rather than true encyclopedic modifications.

My goal is to make Wikipedia a place where ideas and facts can be written even when they don’t have a popular following. Hence, I am often bucking keyboards with other Wiki editors.

I also am a one time inventor, holding a U.S. Patent, D481926.

Edit Count[edit]

Juda publishes articles on assorted political topics, and Israel in particular. Some of his works can be seen at the following links: [1]and [2] and on occassion he gets involved in neighborhood controversy on a Jewish religious matter of an Eruv[3]. When he is not doing that, he is found editing wiki entries and, sometimes, disagreeing with Wiki editors.

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