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Hello, my name is Juergen Klueser.

Since I mainly act in the German Wikipedia, I maintain only my German user page You may place discussion comments on (also in English).

Pictures of airplanes: For many articles of airplanes there are no pics available. Most pics available in the net or in books are protected by copyright laws. A temporary solution are model pics. Anyhow, as soon as an original pic is available this should be used.

I have a huge amount of models and can provide pics. Just checkout the list of models on my website and contact me, if a pic is needed. If not yet available on the list I can build a model. The list of my models not yet built is If the quality of a pic is not sufficient, I can provide higher resolutions.

Helper Tools (for my personal work)


My gallery

Category:Military aircraft

{{PD-old}}: see e.g. in File:Avro Duigan.jpg

{{Anonymous-EU}}: see e.g. in File:Avia B-35.jpg

  • {{Anonymous work}} – anonymous work more than 50 years old (Berne convention). Cannot be used in the EU, US, ...
  • {{Anonymous-EU}} – anonymous work more than 70 years old (European Union).

After creating a pic, do internationalization:
== Summary == => == {{int:filedesc}} ==
== Licensing == => == {{int:license-header}} ==

3-D-pics see User:Kaboldy/More_aircrafts