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Hello! I make election maps, my style was inspired by fellow wikipedians User:DrRandomFactor, User:Mr.Election, and User:Erinthecute. I am open for requests, just leave a message on my talk page!

French Election maps[edit]

5th Republic presidential elections[edit]

Presidential primaries[edit]

2nd republic elections[edit]

2015 regional elections (to be re-made)[edit]

Municipal elections[edit]

2020 municipal elections (may be re-made)[edit]

In Marseille[edit]

Belgian election maps[edit]

Legislative elections[edit]

I may make more maps for before 1946, but please don't count on it being done within <insert time scale here> (at least until I get motivation back for the topic).

Senate elections[edit]

Due to the scarcity of information and of my free time, these maps only start in 1981, though I may go back and do maps from before 1981.

2019 regional elections (to be re-made)[edit]

Other maps[edit]

These maps were for one-off occasions and did not fit into the other categories.

Italian election maps[edit]

2016 municipal elections[edit]

Israeli election maps[edit]

2020 legislative election[edit]

These maps may be re-made and extended with results of other legislative elections.

Polling graphs[edit]

I have recently chosen for various reasons to stop making polling graphs and replace them with in-article Graph:Chart graphs.

Polling graphs

Old things[edit]

Most are either unused, one-offs, or have been largely edited by others.

Notes & Requests[edit]


  1. The original graph was by Mélencron, I uploaded the last version with my style


  1. a b c d Requested by User:AdamG2016
  2. Requested by User:Gbuvn