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Junaid Ahmad is a doctor by profession and an amature photographer.


Born on 3rd December 1984. He did his schooling from different schools of Rawalpindi and then Multan. He is graduated from Quaid e Azam Medical College Bahawalpur and then did his post graduation in Plastic Surgery from Lahore.


He is a landscape photographer and is working to shoot historic city of Multan [1]. He tagged many of his photographs as D Junaid Production or DJ Production. But due to a confusion created with word [DJ], he as changes his tags now with D Junaid Photography.

Promotor of Multan[edit]

Dr Junaid Ahmad is a big promotor of Multan city on internet. He found that photo search and map search of Multan city brings bogus results. So he decided to change the things.
He uploaded 1000+ photos of Multan to panoramio[2] for Google Earth layer.
He made a blog named Travel Multan.[3]
He made 1000+ edits on Google Maps for Multan and adjoining areas.
He added 100+ attractions and photos to a famous tourist website Tripadvisor.[4]


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