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I live in Santa Barbara, California (USA) and enjoy people, flying, and photography along with innumerable other things. My Wikipedia page is here, and I use this one just for occasional WC photo uploads so anything you send me here might not reach me for quite a while. Instead please contact me directly via my blog. I'm also active on the SBitZ.NET regional news group where I often publish larger versions of my aerial photos.

One of my many aerial photos of scenic Santa Barbara (10/28/08)

Many of my favorite photos are on my Flickr page, and all of those are non-commercial but copyrighted so that if anyone does something commercial with them I might recover some camera and flying expenses. Far more of my photos are mingled with narrative descriptions on my blog, where there's also a Contact Form if you'd like to reach me.

Note: a few of my photos here are smaller versions of the copyrighted photos, but are placed here with "CC Attribution" permissions as noted on the OTRS link below.

I created this page at the request of some wiki editors who liked my aerial photos of Michael Jackson's famous Neverland Ranch, and then shared this photo of the nearby Cold Spring Canyon Arch Bridge. Slowly my WC offerings have increased, when there's a request or I have something fun to share.

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