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Attention ![edit]

As repeated hostile acts from Wikimedia responsables have shown that

  • my contributions on Wikimedia projects are not wanted
  • in general, serious contributers are harrassed, insulted and intimidated by incompetent administrators while the same administrators protect damaging Users who have no useful contributions on their account
  • the current Wikimedia strategy is imposing a massive censorship under flimsy pretexts, undermining by these sctivities the right on free information
  • Wikimedia has been transformed from an open, free and independent platform into a kind of private propriety of some irresponsable administrators
  • as a consequence, Commons cannot be considered to be a reliable, trustworthy image archive any longer

I have demanded the unconditionnal and immediate deletion of all my uploaded files until December 9, 2015. This has not been done. So I hereby declare that

All my uploaded files have not to be hosted or used on Wikimedia projects, from December 10, 2015 on. If you still find my files on these projects, please note that they are here without my permission.

Please note as well that all declarations by Wikimedia officials in contradiction with my declaration are invalid.

Jwaller, 10 December 2015.

As far as I have understood, you give an irrevocable right to anyone (and any time) to use your uploaded photos? This means Wikimedia is by no means obliged to follow your wish to remove any of your uploads. See User_talk:Jwaller#Deletion_request for more. --Cmuelle8 (talk) 11:08, 31 December 2015 (UTC)

Trotz allem (oder gerade deswegen) ist es ein Trost, dass Jwallers Bilder nachwievor für jedermann
zum Betrachten oder Vergleich zur Verfügung stehen!

Mit unermüdlichem Engagement hat er auch in unbekannten Winkeln seiner mitteldeutschen Region
(noch) Bestehendes dokumentiert, stets in der Sorge zu spät zu kommen; insofern werden seine
Fotoergebnisse weiter an Wert zunehmen.

Dies und Jwallers Credo „Augen stets offenhalten“ sind Grund genug hier zu sein . . .
Vitavia, 24. März 2017 / 30. Dezember 2017