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Hi, Jynus is a Spanish wikipedist who, from time to time, uploads photos&images to Commons needed for my local wikipedia.

You can leave me a message here, but if it is urgent and I am not over here, contact me at my local wikipedia user page.

An alternative way is by mail or at my personal page:

You can write to me in Spanish, English or French. As a Spanish-speaker, I might not have too many problems to understand Italian, Catalan, Galician o Portugese, but I would encourage you to write me in English.


This is the set of images and photos created and taken by myself and uploaded to Commons (yes, for my ego :)):

Images created by Jynus

Infobox for my images[edit]

This is the model I usually use for self-images. I usually double-license them under GFDL and Creative Commons-attribution.

== Summary ==
|Description={{en}} {{es}} 
|Source=Image created by me.
|Permission=see below

== Licensing ==

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