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I am a pathologist working at an acute-care hospital. All of the images I uploaded were created by me personally. Hopefully these images would be utilized for educational purpose in general. All the histopathologic specimens were collected through the routine practice. Each image contains a brief description of the lesion. Detailed information, however, such the patient's age and clinical history has been kept confidential. Unless otherwise stated the presented images were modified on brightness and contrast.

Dear Colleagues[edit]

In recent times it seems very hard to gain access to Wikimedia Commons for uploading new images. Through the narrow path I've added a new image for S-100 expression in granular cell tumor arising in the skin.

Granular cell tumor (4) S-100.JPG

Uterine carcinosarcoma shows a highly aggressive behavior. Among several pathways of sarcomatous differention the rhabdomyosarcomatous components are more frequently encountered than elsewhere. This picture well illustrates malignant cells with rhabdomyoblastic natures. One longitudinally sectioned cell shows clear muscle striations by closer view.

Uterine carcinosarcoma (5) rhabdomyosarcomatous.jpg

Melanoma series[edit]

Pigmented skin lesions are greatly variable and often pose a significant diagnostic problem in surgical pathology. Typical case representations will appear soon.

Malignant melanoma (3) at thigh Case 01.jpg