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from New Zealand

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Add range map to taxobox

| range_map = GENUS-SPECIES-natural-range.png
| range_map_width =
| range_map_alt =
| range_map_caption = Natural range of ''GENUS SPECIES''

Categories and licences

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[[Category:Palms in New Zealand]]
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Flickr email template

Regarding your photo at: ( )

I'm an editor on Wikipedia, and we currently have no free photo on this subject. Our English-language article is at:

( )

Would you be willing to change the licence of the photo to Attribution Creative Commons or Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons? We cannot use the no commercial or no derivatives versions of Creative commons.

If you change the license, just send me an email to let me know. I'll take care of uploading it to the Wikimedia Commons which is where Wikipedia keeps its free photos.

Thanks, Kaahuroa

Editing help[edit]

[[Category:Files by User:Kahuroa]]
[[Category:PD Old files uploaded by User:Kahuroa


|Source=Alexander Turnbull Library, URL [], (Reference No. ). See also image description page at []
|Permission=Out of Copyright worldwide

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