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iNaturalist2Commons is a user script that lets you import free-license images from iNaturalist to Commons.


To install iNaturalist2Commons, add the following line to your common.js page:



Once the user script is installed, go to any Commons category or gallery page for a taxon, for example, Category:Tauraco corythaix. If the taxon has an associated iNaturalist ID in Wikidata, a button will appear next to the page title that says "iNaturalist import". Click the button to view thumbnails of free-license images of that taxon hosted on iNaturalist. Click a thumbnail to view a larger preview, and then click the "Upload image" button to upload the image to Commons. All images imported with this user script are automatically added to Category:Uploaded with iNaturalist2Commons.

INaturalist2Commons button.png


The code for iNaturalist2Commons is hosted on GitHub. Please report any issues at

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