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Most of my science diagrams are set in a font called Frutiger, and so the text in the main versions is an uneditable path. If you want to edit one of them, and are really keen on keeping consistency with the rest of the poster, I've provided this reference.


If you download the editable text versions of my posters, the text in them has the following naming conventions. Mass replace them in the svgs with a text editor to whatever you've named your version(s) of Frutiger, or other font if you just want to preserve the various fontweights.

Ultralight Frutiger Neue 15
Thin Frutiger Neue 25
Light Frutiger Neue 35
Book Frutiger Neue 45
Regular Frutiger Neue 55
Medium Frutiger Neue 65
Bold Frutiger Neue 75 or Frutiger Neue 55(family) Bold
Heavy Frutiger Neue 85
Black Frutiger Neue 95

You can get the font by downloading the webfont previews from the sellers with a web inspector tool.

Note On some diagrams, particularly the math ones, I use some custom built glyphs like the theta (θ). Build it in Fontforge by taking a zero (0) and merging it with a crossbar from an E or F.

Magic sizes[edit]

7 pt

9 pt

10 pt

14 pt

18 pt

20.5 pt (4)

23.25 pt

26.5 pt

40.5 pt (4)

45 pt (5)