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House No More.jpg
Young Common Waxbills.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:Young_Common_Waxbills.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Tags: natureza
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  • Title: Bentonville billboard
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Spider brazil.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:spider_brazil.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: Imagens da Natureza
  • Tags: aranhas
Back from school.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:parthenon_01.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: nicola spedalieri statue
  • Tags: rome may 2005 antmoose
Parthenon 03.jpg
Pantheon 04.jpg
Pantheon 05.jpg
Pantheon 06.jpg
Pantheon 07.jpg
Pantheon 08.jpg
Parthenon 08.jpg
Pantheon 09.jpg
Pantheon 10.jpg
Pantheon 11.jpg
Pantheon 12.jpg
Fur seal antarctic peninsula.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:fur_seal_antarctic_peninsula.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: fur seal - antarctic peninsula
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Palatine view of curia and domes.jpg
Palatine view of forum and capitol.jpg
Palatine view of forum.jpg
Palatine view of s f romana.jpg
Palatine view of temple of antoninus.jpg
Palatine view of temple of romulus.jpg
Palatine view of via nova 1.jpg
N2 Camouflage.jpg
Palatine acanthus and arch.jpg
Palazzo senatorio 1.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:palazzo_senatorio_1.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: palazzo senatorio 1
  • Tags: rome may 2005 antmoose
Palazzo senatorio 2.jpg
  • Link: [[Image:palazzo_senatorio_2.jpg|right|thumb|]]
  • Title: palazzo senatorio 2
  • Tags: rome may 2005 antmoose
Pantheon dome.jpg