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While hiking from Immenhausen to Gemünden the last 3 weeks, I was thinking about the problem and now think, that a new namespace which may be called "names" will be a solution for almost all problems.

The namespace should be used for Internationationalisation templates, which should be searchable like the taxon name templates. Additional to the taxon name templates themselves, templates for big towns or countries like Template:Hamburg (Hamburg) may be migrated there and used with a template similar to Template:VNIncluded.

  • A whole namespace could easily be included in the default search preferences, therefore it would be found with the search.
  • In the templates a link to the corresponding category and gallery pages could be included, like it is already done now in the taxon name templates.
  • As all these templates should have a corresponding category, it is shure, that the template name is free in this namespace.
  • there are two kinds of internationalisation templates - Templates which give formal information like Template:VN/title used in Template:VN and Template:VNIncluded and templates wich could help to find relevant categories like Template:Hamburg, and the Tacon name templates.