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I'm Karen Fasimpaur.

I work in the field of educational technology, working with schools to integrate technology. I have also worked in textbook publishing and software development and have taught school.

I have been looking for a creative (non-work related) project and have also been thinking about contributing more free open content to the world. Now seems like a good time. This also seems like a better use of time than Twitr or SL.

Some links:

My Open Ed blog

Wikinomics (a great book)

My sandbox

These are the first pictures I uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

Surfside, CA
Surfside, CA
Nature guide
Archaeological guide at Isimilia Stone Age site

5/19/07 - I've completed a substantial revision to the Wikipedia article on Surfside.

I'm hoping to start working on some Wikijunior books soon.

This is the first article I added to on Wikitravel.

7/12/07 - These are some pictures from when I lived in Africa. I uploaded them for possible inclusion in a Wikijunior books.
Nature guide for bird walks
Fruit seller
Archaeological guide
Shopkeeper selling spices
Vegetable seller
Fruit seller

05/08 - I am a part of the WikiProject Lakes. Here are the photos I have posted for this: