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A male user from Washington State, USA. Specialize in vast knowledge about Microsoft Xbox 360 and television show The Office. Knowledgable about various other topics.

I use Wikipedia on a daily basis.

Typical Usage[edit]

I typically use Wikipedia 5 to 6 seperate times a day, considering each time a day may be in excess of half hour viewing anywhere between 3-6 seperate pages. I research topical issues and easily get drawn into viewing related pages and so on and so forth.

Knowledge Upon Xbox 360[edit]

In spare time I repair and refurbish broken Xbox 360 consoles. Fixing them gives me an understanding on what goes wrong and how the inner workings run. I run into situations such as the E49 error or XRROD which I contributed being the first to recognize this issue needed to be spread under the Xbox 360 technical problems page.

Knowledge Upon The Office[edit]

I used to work in a situation very much like the TV show The Office, so becoming a die-hard fan made a lot of sense. I watch different episodes at my leisure all of which I own up to the most recent episodes yet to be released from Xbox Live. I keep up on buying the newest episodes so I do not feel this sentence could ever be incorrect.

What I would like to get from Wikipedia[edit]

I enjoy reading and spreading unknown information. Wikipedia, I feel, is one of the better sites on the internet today. Besides being a haven for those hungry for knowledge it's free. There never could be a bad thing I could say about Wikipedia.