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Hi, I'm KinsgtonPharoah and I was born and raised in the City of Kingston, Jamaica. I currently attend the University of Technology,Jamaica where I'm studying Finance.

About Me[edit]

  • I attended Kingston Technical High School and graduated with eight CXC subjects.
  • I then attended six form at Quality Academics where I did an addition of four CAPE subjects.
  • I am now pursuing a masters degree in International Banking at the University of Technology, Jamaica.

My Hobbies[edit]

I enjoy the following activities

1 Reading

2 Listening To Music

3 Researching

4 Swimming

5 Playing Football

Things I Like[edit]

I like history, traveling, literature,finance, music and technology. I'm interested in all kind of stories; (Movies, Books, Plays) and create my own stories from time to time. Above all I'm passionate about lifelong learning and broadening my horizon as I continue my journey through life. Hence why I'm here researching and gaining new knowledge by which I can use to improve existing articles and create articles of my own.