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Hi, I'm kirsion, my real name is Victor. I live in California and currently attending High school. Classes I'm interested in, Philosophy, Miltary History, Computers science and I plan to become a biomedical engineer My ethnicity is 100%, first generation, Vietnamese-American, I speak fluent English, partial Vietnamese, and I'm unoffically learning Japanese. Recreational activities include, playing Xbox 360/Pc games, watching anime, reading manga, finding out new j-rock/j-pop songs, and everything in between. I love to help out Wikipedia pages with j-rock related, anime related, or manga related contributions.


It is a title name that I gave myself back in 2005.[1] I have used it as a username for numerous accounts name such as Youtube, MyAnimeList, exc.

Kirsion is derived a Greek word (Template:IPA-el), literally meaning cirsium. Cirsium is a genus of flower plants commonly called as a thistle plant. Kirsion also means swollen vein', referring to the injury caused by the spines.

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