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Kizhakolil family is one of the oldest families of old Thiruvathamkur. During the Post Independent era Kizhakolil Mani migrated from Thodupuzha, where his family was based at the time, to Wayanad, Kunhome. In Wayanad he was known in another house name, Kallara, since the place he settled was known as Kallara. In Wayanad his family swelled. He had 5 children- Jose (Joseph), Augustine, Gracy, and Omana. He was one of the famous local Communist Party leaders. He died in an accident. Following his death his children relocated to different places. Jose K M (Now known as Kallara Jose) settled in Niravilpuzha. His family consists of his wife Mary (Thankamma) and his 3 children – Bindu (Sr. Deepa Joseph), Viju Kallara Jose, and Binto Kallara Jose. Bindu became a Benedictine Sister and presently is in UK. His second son Viju joined the CMI Congregation but discontinued after 10 year and got married. His wife is Darshana Varghese and has two siblings, Sacchit and Snigdha. He is a teacher by profession and at the moment is in Bahrain with his family. The youngest son Binto also got married is active in the drama and serial field. Our family is presently located in Niravilpuzha, Wayanad Dist. Kerala, India. What makes everyone caught up is wiled beauty of Wayanad, especially of Niravilpuzha, the all embracing beauty of the western mountains and valleys.