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This is my user page.

Photography is one of the things I like, and I plan to upload a number of photos here in the future.

As time permits I want to write more here.

Some photos of mine[edit]

Some more photos of mine[edit]

Even further photos of mine[edit]

Yet more photos of mine[edit]

And again more photos of mine[edit]

Further photos of mine[edit]

And further photos of mine[edit]

Again further photos of mine[edit]

And yet more photos of mine[edit]

Panoramic photos of mine[edit]

For me I draw the line at an aspect ratio of 3:1 here. Or if it is a full spherical panoramic.

Nice world or not so nice world[edit]

cameras dichotomy

As a person who likes to take good photos, I am sorry to say that some locations in the world do not appreciate cameras. The personal sore feeling is even deeper, if a distinct lack of goodwill and common sense is all that makes the difference. And often there is the imbalance of cameras pointing at oneself not liking cameras pointing at them. This little artwork to the right is my feeble attempt to ponder about such double standards.

Some SVG drawings of mine[edit]

Fotos mit Tagesbezug[edit]

Meine Fotos von anderen Leuten bearbeitet[edit]

Von mir bearbeitete Bilder anderer Leute[edit]



Eigene Fotos von mir selbst bearbeitet[edit]