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Images I've created by myself[edit]

Trains and railways[edit]





Boats and ships[edit]

Various vehicles[edit]

Train stations[edit]

Churches and cathedrals[edit]

City gates[edit]

Town halls[edit]

Various buildings[edit]



Vending machines[edit]

Little bit of everything[edit]

Images created by other people and placed on commons by me with their permission[edit]

Images from placed on commons under author's permission[edit]

Images I've found on the web (Creative Commons)[edit]

Creative Commons images from Flickr

Images I've found on the web (PD-Soviet)[edit]

You see that many of those images have been deleated. The reason is, that before recently all images created in USSR before 1973 were concidered to be PD. Later it was decided that this was not true, so the images were not concidered free anymore, and therefore thay've been deleated.

Images I've found on the web (PD)[edit]

Public domain art from the web[edit]