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This email exchange with the Izhmash marketing representative authorizes the release of exclusive images for use on Wikipedia[edit]

First response to image request, January 9, 2008:[edit]

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter.

I attach the pictures of AK-74M I have in my computer. Please confirm if quality is acceptable. As you know, other 5.45 mm variants are not in production. Perhaps somewhere in other articles you have also described AK-105, which is a version of AK-74M with a short barrel.

I also have to make the following remark: your article says "License production ... is carried out by Bulgaria.., China...". None of the countries you list has any license. They were transferred technology, free of charge, to equip their armies only - under the intergovernmental agreements with no right to sell/export/transfer without our permission. The problem is that the legal system changed a lot (socialist system differed immensely in terms of property rights), since the transfer took place. Anyway, the issue is at least disputable, and your statement is not quite proper.

Best regards,

Andrey Baryshnikov marketing dpt. chief JSC "Concern "Izhmash"

2nd email response (9/1/2008)[edit]

You are welcome, but please note that the grenade launcher is GP-34, NOT GP-30. GP-30 is made by a factory in Tula, and GP-34 is a new upgrade, designed and produced by Izhmash. I will find other pictures for you as well.

Best regards,

Andrey Baryshnikov

Third/final email with batch of photos (10/1/2008)[edit]

I attach pictures of AN-94, including one with GP-34. As for AKM and AKMS, since we stopped producing it over 20 years ago, I don't have anything up-to-date. I am sending what I have of SVDS with the next message - sorry, not very good either.

Best wishes,

Andrey Baryshnikov