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Almost chronological list of images that I have uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and where I am not an author. Except images from Univerity of Tartu, that are listed here.

Number of images: 742.

See also: User:Kruusamägi/Gallery

Photos from others[edit]

From various authors[edit]

From Tõnis Saadre[edit]

From Tiit Made[edit]

From Lauri Kulpsoo[edit]

From Reio Avaste[edit]

From Chancellery of the Riigikogu - I Riigikogu[edit]

From Chancellery of the Riigikogu - XII Riigikogu[edit]

From Police and Border Guard Board[edit]

From Kristjan Teedema[edit]

From Jüri Lillemets[edit]

From Terje Sørgjerd[edit]

From Martin Vällik[edit]

From Office of the President[edit]

From Jaak Urmet[edit]

From Henri Laupmaa[edit]

From Tanel Rannala[edit]

From Estonian Sports Museum[edit]

From Sirje Jõgi Rivers[edit]

From Andres Ehrenpreis[edit]

Eesti Looduse fotovõistlus 2012[edit]


From other wikipedians[edit]

From Tanel Pern[edit]

From Alari Rammo[edit]

Eesti Looduse fotovõistlus 2013[edit]

Keila City Government[edit]