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sv-N Den här användaren har svenska som modersmål.
fi-4 Tämä käyttäjä osaa suomea melkein äidinkielen tavoin.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
fr-2 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances intermédiaires en français.
es-2 Esta persona tiene un conocimiento intermedio del español.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf grundlegendem Niveau.
This user lives in Finland.
Tämä käyttäjä asuu Suomessa.
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Brook in Muotkatunturit
English: I am user LPfi on the Swedish Wikipedia and can be reached at either discussion page or via the e-mail link. I am active by the same name on some other WMF projects.

My works here at Commons are also available on other terms than those mentioned. Details below. I appreciate telling me about using my works.

Svenska: Jag kan nås här eller som Användare:LPfi på svenskspråkiga Wikipedia (använd diskussionssidorna) eller via e-postlänken.

Mina verk är i allmänhet tillgängliga genom andra arrangemang än dem som explicit nämns i samband med verket. Kontakta mig om det finns sådana behov. Berätta gärna också annars om du använder bilderna.

Suomi: Minut tavoittaa täältä, ruotsinkielisen Wikipedian käyttäjäsivultani tai käyttämällä sivun laidassa olevaa sähköpostilinkkiä.

Kuvani ovat käytetävissä myös muilla ehdoilla kuin mitä kuvien kuvaussivuilla näkyy. Ota yhteyttä jos haluat muita järjestelyitä. Kuvien käytöstä saa mielellään kertoa minulle vaikka käyttäisikin sivuilla mainittuja lisenssejä.


My works are available both with free licences and under normal commercial terms.

This is what I want by my choice of free licences:

  • Derived works should be explicitly available under a free licence, in the spirit of the Free software movement.
  • Any licensed work should be easily available also in high resolution digital form, so that further users can adapt them to their needs without unnecessary losses in quality. Unless you make a digital copy permanently available, you should have some kind of link to the original at Wikimedia Commons; a permanent link is preferred, provide at least a pointer to Wikimedia Commons.
  • I believe in attribution. As long as this account is anonymous I have little use of being mentioned myself, but for the sake of those interested in fame (or marketing themselves), I do not want to further the bad habit of crediting only Wikimedia Commons (many images here are even licensed by authors with no relation to the site). Not mentioning the source at all may well result in my asking for damages. If you cannot provide a link, something like "LPfi/Wikimedia Commons" should be adequate.

The licences chosen might not correspond very well with the above, for practical reasons. I am not going to sue for breach of the text of any licence, if you follow the spirit of my wishes. Of course a well known licence that fulfils my wishes above and your requirements is better, as I believe in explicit arrangements (ignoring licences is not the strategy of my choice, and I cannot guarantee a heir or the like agreeing on what wordings in the licence are to be respected).

I usually licence work I upload here as {{CC-BY-SA 3.0}}, unless some underlying work is to be considered. This is partly out of laziness. If you for some reason need a work of mine (not derivative of somebody else's) as {{GPL}}, just add the licence template and use it. There are several other copyleft licences I will gladly accept on request (other ones would require some research, which you may have to convince me to do), and I might accept other free licences if a copyleft licence for some reason does not suite a particular project.

I also recognize copyleft licences may be awkward in some circumstances, especially when most other images require only attribution of the author (by real name) or the media repository. If you want to use my images without fulfilling the wishes above or the requirements in the licences provided, you should contact me and ask for commercial arrangements, as you would for any other photographer.

Contact me if there is need for any arrangements. I am also glad to hear about any use of the images.

Personal rights[edit]

You should not assume I have asked people on my images for any permission (I have in some cases, but I am not here to protect you). If you have any doubts about whether those depicted would approve your intended use, contact them yourself or use somebody else's images.

Finnish law requires permission from persons depicted if you use images for promotion, commercial or not. I ask you to follow also Finnish law when using my images, regardless of what other legislation is relevant for you.


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