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Eastern Africa[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Burundi}} Template:User Burundi Users in Burundi Template:User Burundi
{{User Comoros}} Template:User Comoros Users in Comoros Template:User Comoros
{{User Djibouti}} Template:User Djibouti Users in Djibouti Template:User Djibouti
{{User Eritrea}} Template:User Eritrea Users in Eritrea Template:User Eritrea
{{User Ethiopia}} Template:User Ethiopia Users in Ethiopia Template:User Ethiopia
{{User Kenya}}
Flag-map of Kenya.svg This user comes from Kenya.
Users in Kenya Template:User Kenya
{{User Madagascar}} Template:User Madagascar Users in Madagascar Template:User Madagascar
{{User Malawi}} Template:User Malawi Users in Malawi Template:User Malawi
{{User Mauritius}}
Flag-map of Mauritius.png This user comes from Mauritius.
Users in Mauritius Template:User Mauritius
{{User Mozambique}} Template:User Mozambique Users in Mozambique Template:User Mozambique
{{User Rwanda}} Template:User Rwanda Users in Rwanda Template:User Rwanda
{{User Seychelles}} Template:User Seychelles Users in Seychelles Template:User Seychelles
{{User Somalia}} Template:User Somalia Users in Somalia Template:User Somalia
{{User Tanzania}} Template:User Tanzania Users in Tanzania Template:User Tanzania
{{User Uganda}} Template:User Uganda Users in Uganda Template:User Uganda
{{User Zambia}} Template:User Zambia Users in Zambia Template:User Zambia

Middle Africa[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Angola}} Template:User Angola Users in Angola Template:User Angola
{{User Cameroon}} Template:User Cameroon Users in Cameroon Template:User Cameroon
{{User Central African Republic}} Template:User Central African Republic Users in the Central African Republic Template:User Central African Republic
{{User Chad}} Template:User Chad Users in Chad Template:User Chad
{{User Congo}} Template:User Congo Users in Congo Template:User Congo
{{User Democratic Republic of the Congo}} Template:User Democratic Republic of the Congo Users in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Template:User Democratic Republic of the Congo
{{User Equatorial Guinea}} Template:User Equatorial Guinea Users in Equatorial Guinea Template:User Equatorial Guinea
{{User Gabon}} Template:User Gabon Users in Gabon Template:User Gabon
{{User São Tomé and Príncipe}} Template:User São Tomé and Príncipe Users in São Tomé and Príncipe Template:User São Tomé and Príncipe
{{User South Sudan}} Template:User South Sudan Users in South Sudan Template:User South Sudan

Northern Africa[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Libya}} Template:User Libya Users in Libya Template:User Libya
{{User Morocco}} Template:User Morocco Users in Morocco Template:User Morocco
{{User Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic}} Template:User Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Users in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Template:User Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
{{User Sudan}} Template:User Sudan Users in Sudan Template:User Sudan
{{User Tunisia}}
Tunisia logo.svg This user lives in Tunisia.
Users in Tunisia Template:User Tunisia

Southern Africa[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Botswana}} Template:User Botswana Users in Botswana Template:User Botswana
{{User Lesotho}} Template:User Lesotho Users in Lesotho Template:User Lesotho
{{User Namibia}} Template:User Namibia Users in Namibia Template:User Namibia
{{User Swaziland}} Template:User Swaziland Users in Swaziland Template:User Swaziland
{{User Zimbabwe}} Template:User Zimbabwe Users in Zimbabwe Template:User Zimbabwe

Western Africa[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Benin}} Template:User Benin Users in Benin Template:User Benin
{{User Burkina Faso}} Template:User Burkina Faso Users in Burkina Faso Template:User Burkina Faso
{{User Cape Verde}} Template:User Cape Verde Users in Cape Verde Template:User Cape Verde
{{User Côte d'Ivoire}} Template:User Côte d'Ivoire Users in Côte d'Ivoire Template:User Côte d'Ivoire
{{User Gambia}} Template:User Gambia Users in Gambia Template:User Gambia
{{User Ghana}}
Flag-map of Ghana.svg This user comes from Ghana.
Users in Ghana Template:User Ghana
{{User Guinea}} Template:User Guinea Users in Guinea Template:User Guinea
{{User Guinea-Bissau}} Template:User Guinea-Bissau Users in Guinea-Bissau Template:User Guinea-Bissau
{{User Liberia}} Template:User Liberia Users in Liberia Template:User Liberia
{{User Mali}} Template:User Mali Users in Mali Template:User Mali
{{User Mauritania}} Template:User Mauritania Users in Mauritania Template:User Mauritania
{{User Niger}} Template:User Niger Users in Niger Template:User Niger
{{User Nigeria}} Template:User Nigeria Users in Nigeria Template:User Nigeria
{{User Senegal}} Template:User Senegal Users in Senegal Template:User Senegal
{{User Sierra Leone}} Template:User Sierra Leone Users in Sierra Leone Template:User Sierra Leone
{{User Togo}} Template:User Togo Users in Togo Template:User Togo


North America[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Antigua and Barbuda}} Template:User Antigua and Barbuda Users in Antigua and Barbuda Template:User Antigua and Barbuda
{{User Bahamas}} Template:User Bahamas Users in the Bahamas Template:User Bahamas
{{User Barbados}} Template:User Barbados Users in Barbados Template:User Barbados
{{User Belize}} Template:User Belize Users in Belize Template:User Belize
{{User Cuba}} Template:User Cuba Users in Cuba Template:User Cuba
{{User Dominica}} Template:User Dominica Users in Dominica Template:User Dominica
{{User Dominican Republic}} Template:User Dominican Republic Users in the Dominican Republic Template:User Dominican Republic
{{User El Salvador}}
El Salvador Stub.svg This user was born in El Salvador.
Users in El Salvador Template:User El Salvador
{{User Grenada}} Template:User Grenada Users in Grenada Template:User Grenada
{{User Guatemala}} Template:User Guatemala Users in Guatemala Template:User Guatemala
{{User Haiti}} Template:User Haiti Users in Haiti Template:User Haiti
{{User Honduras}} Template:User Honduras Users in Honduras Template:User Honduras
{{User Jamaica}} Template:User Jamaica Users in Jamaica Template:User Jamaica
{{User Nicaragua}} Template:User Nicaragua Users in Nicaragua Template:User Nicaragua
{{User Panama}} Template:User Panama Users in Panama Template:User Panama
{{User Saint Kitts and Nevis}} Template:User Saint Kitts and Nevis Users in Saint Kitts and Nevis Template:User Saint Kitts and Nevis
{{User Saint Lucia}} Template:User Saint Lucia Users in Saint Lucia Template:User Saint Lucia
{{User Saint Vincent and the Grenadines}} Template:User Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Users in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Template:User Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
{{User Trinidad and Tobago}} Template:User Trinidad and Tobago Users in Trinidad and Tobago Template:User Trinidad and Tobago

South America[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Bolivia}} Template:User Bolivia Users in Bolivia Template:User Bolivia
{{User Guyana}} Template:User Guyana Users in Guyana Template:User Guyana
{{User Paraguay}} Template:User Paraguay Users in Paraguay Template:User Paraguay
{{User Suriname}} Template:User Suriname Users in Suriname Template:User Suriname
{{User Uruguay}} Template:User Uruguay Users in Uruguay Template:User Uruguay


Central Asia[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Kazakhstan}} Template:User Kazakhstan Users in Kazakhstan Template:User Kazakhstan
{{User Kyrgyzstan}} Template:User Kyrgyzstan Users in Kyrgyzstan Template:User Kyrgyzstan
{{User Tajikistan}} Template:User Tajikistan Users in Tajikistan Template:User Tajikistan
{{User Turkmenistan}} Template:User Turkmenistan Users in Turkmenistan Template:User Turkmenistan
{{User Uzbekistan}} Template:User Uzbekistan Users in Uzbekistan Template:User Uzbekistan

Eastern Asia[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Hong Kong}} Template:User Hong Kong Users in Hong Kong Template:User Hong Kong
{{User Macau}} Template:User Macau Users in Macau Template:User Macau
{{User Mongolia}} Template:User Mongolia Users in Mongolia Template:User Mongolia

Southeastern Asia[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Brunei}} Template:User Brunei Users in Brunei Template:User Brunei
{{User Burma}} Template:User Burma Users in Burma Template:User Burma
{{User Cambodia}}
Flag of Cambodia.svg This user comes from Cambodia.
Users in Cambodia Template:User Cambodia
{{User East Timor}} Template:User East Timor Users in East Timor Template:User East Timor
{{User Laos}} Template:User Laos Users in Laos Template:User Laos
{{User Philippines}}
Flag of the Philippines.svg This user comes from the Philippines.
Users in Philippines Template:User Philippines

Southern Asia[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Bhutan}} Template:User Bhutan Users in Bhutan Template:User Bhutan
{{User Maldives}} Template:User Maldives Users in Maldives Template:User Maldives
{{User Nepal}}
Flag of Nepal.svg This user comes from Nepal.
Users in Nepal Template:User Nepal
{{User Sri Lanka}} Template:User Sri Lanka Users in Sri Lanka Template:User Sri Lanka

Western Asia[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Armenia}} Template:User Armenia Users in Armenia Template:User Armenia
{{User Bahrain}} Template:User Bahrain Users in Bahrain Template:User Bahrain
{{User Iraq}} Template:User Iraq Users in Iraq Template:User Iraq
{{User Kuwait}} Template:User Kuwait Users in Kuwait Template:User Kuwait
{{User Lebanon}} Template:User Lebanon Users in Lebanon Template:User Lebanon
{{User Oman}} Template:User Oman Users in Oman Template:User Oman
{{User Palestinian territories}} Template:User Palestinian territories Users in the Palestinian territories Template:User Palestinian territories
{{User Qatar}} Template:User Qatar Users in Qatar Template:User Qatar
{{User Saudi Arabia}} Template:User Saudi Arabia Users in Saudi Arabia Template:User Saudi Arabia
{{User Syria}} Template:User Syria Users in Syria Template:User Syria
{{User Turkey}}
Flag of Turkey.svg This user lives in Turkey.
Users in Turkey Template:User Turkey
{{User Yemen}} Template:User Yemen Users in Yemen Template:User Yemen


European Union[edit]

Code Result User category Template
Menber states
{{User Ireland}}
Flag of Ireland.svg This user lives in Ireland.
Users in Ireland Template:User Ireland
{{User Luxembourg}} Template:User Luxembourg Users in Luxembourg Template:User Luxembourg

Other european countries[edit]

Code Result User category Template
{{User Albania}} Template:User Albania Users in Albania Template:User Albania
{{User Andorra}} Template:User Andorra Users in Andorra Template:User Andorra
{{User Armenia}} Template:User Armenia Users in Armenia Template:User Armenia
{{User Kazakhstan}} Template:User Kazakhstan Users in Kazakhstan Template:User Kazakhstan
{{User Liechtenstein}} Template:User Liechtenstein Users in Liechtenstein Template:User Liechtenstein
{{User Moldova}} Template:User Moldova Users in Moldova Template:User Moldova
{{User Monaco}} Template:User Monaco Users in Monaco Template:User Monaco
{{User Montenegro}} Template:User Montenegro Users in Montenegro Template:User Montenegro
{{User San Marino}} Template:User San Marino Users in San Marino Template:User San Marino
{{User Turkey}}
Flag of Turkey.svg This user lives in Turkey.
Users in Turkey Template:User Turkey
{{User Vatican City}} Template:User Vatican City Users in the Vatican City Template:User Vatican City



Code Result User category Template
{{User Fiji}} Template:User Fiji Users in Fiji Template:User Fiji
{{User Papua New Guinea}} Template:User Papua New Guinea Users in Papua New Guinea Template:User Papua New Guinea
{{User Solomon Islands}} Template:User Solomon Islands Users in Solomon Islands Template:User Solomon Islands
{{User Vanuatu}} Template:User Vanuatu Users in Vanuatu Template:User Vanuatu


Code Result User category Template
{{User Federated States of Micronesia}} Template:User Federated States of Micronesia Users in the Federated States of Micronesia Template:User Federated States of Micronesia
{{User Guam}} Template:User Guam Users in Guam Template:User Guam
{{User Kiribati}} Template:User Kiribati Users in Kiribati Template:User Kiribati
{{User Marshall Islands}} Template:User Marshall Islands Users in the Marshall Islands Template:User Marshall Islands
{{User Nauru}} Template:User Nauru Users in Nauru Template:User Nauru
{{User Palau}} Template:User Palau Users in Palau Template:User Palau


Code Result User category Template
{{User Samoa}} Template:User Samoa Users in Samoa Template:User Samoa
{{User Tonga}} Template:User Tonga Users in Tonga Template:User Tonga
{{User Tuvalu}} Template:User Tuvalu Users in Tuvalu Template:User Tuvalu

The usage row-template see User:Labant/Progress/Location/row