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Clover is a preferred food source for groundhogs.

Hi, my real name is Susan Sam. My interests include photography, filmmaking, research, music, camping, and gardening. Although I photograph a variety of wildlife, my primary area of interest is groundhogs, Marmota monax.

In 2003, I began observing and photographing groundhogs/woodchucks living on our property, expanding into filmmaking in 2005. My husband and I work on this project together. Groundhogs are observed from the time they emerge from hibernation until they enter hibernation. There are several burrow areas observed which can be seen from the windows of our home. Photographs and video taping are done through our windows in order to capture the most natural behavior in this environment. Trail cameras are also used to capture activity in our barn where there are two burrows. My goal in documenting the activities of groundhogs observed is to contribute to a better understanding of the lives of these marmots. Bringing some of my images into WP, two of which are shown here, is appropriate to this goal.

Groundhog male standing in my yard in rural Michigan