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I am called I worked in the field of IR laser technology for many years. My research with rock art focuses on recording, archiving and deciphering highly sophisticated visual projections that form an unknown language. The projected images come from the unusual media of small scribed stone artifacts discovered in 1994.

The stone artifacts I research contain holograms that project vivid photographic images detailing communications from the unknown artisans. The communications refer to that which we know from history, science, mythology (the religion of ancient civilizations) and religion (the many we know of today).

Etched by an unknown and highly advanced technology, the stone artifact projections posted online and to Wikipedia and The Commons are quite understandably, 'alien inscriptions'.

The image projections posted from the petroglyphs are photographic in detail and dimension. I use a method formulated to record and archive the visual projections from similarly scribed stone artifacts. Deciphering visual projections from the media of small stone artifacts comes from the data base of knowledge acquired by humanity.

The details of my research can be found at this URL: [1]

Can these projections and messages provide the proof we seek of an unknown intelligence and technology? Are these stone artifacts a response to the glyphic calling cards embedded within each deep space probe ever sent into the cosmos? Is this how humanity acquired ancient knowledge of the omniscient? Are these stone scribed artifacts scientific proof of those we have called 'God'?

For example...the projection from one of the petroglyphs can be identified by details in the oldest book of the bible.

The Book of JOB (Chapters 39 - 41 KJV) defines the projected photographic image as the ancient creature referred to in the bible as the Unicorn, the Behemoth, and the Leviathan. The descriptive terminology from the scripture refers to the projection from a scribed stone artifact.

If you read the discussion will have my perspective on this posting made to Wikipedia: [2]

What incredible genius of the artisan to photographically present this unmistakable creature as a reference to the fact that he may just be or have known 'The Creator' himself! [3]

There is a plethora of stone scribed image projections and a realm of similar communications published online at the research website of: [4]

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