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Laurel L. Russwurm
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Greetings and Felicitations[edit]

Self portrait taken in the reflection of a vintage war plane's canopy Tiger Boys Fly-In (Guelph, Ontario 2012)
Or, as we say in the Fediverse, !Tzag, or Time zone appropriate greetings!

I am a self publishing novelist, free culture/free software advocate, prolific photographer and a media artist so I am always very careful about copyright.

Having used Wikimedia Commons myself when I've found myself short an image for one of my blogs, I feel it's only fitting for me to invest some of my own pictures here.

As I've become more involved in politics through my involvement with Fair Vote Waterloo and lately the Green Party, I frequently find myself up to my elbows in politicians at local political events, so whenever possible I've made a point of bagging photographs of politicians whose images are absent from Wikipedia.

Candidates Laura Mae Lindo ONDP KitCen, David Weber GPO KitSH, Stacey Danckert GPO KitCen, Bob Jonkman GPO KitCon, Daniel Benoy Libertarian KitCon and Narine Sookram Independent KitSH

Since I'm up to my neck with adventures in self publishing, it's best to contact me through email or online through Twitter, where I am @laurelrusswurm

Regards, Laurel L. Russwurm


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