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Keith Lawson was a Speedway fan over two decades - 60s and 70s. In 1974 he reported on Oxford Speedway at Cowley Stadium for the Oxford Journal and the Oxford Review - free press. He started taking photos later that year,which he continued to do for 4 years. In 1975, he was a volunteer with the Save Our Stadium Committee which helped retain speedway at Oxford,although the Rebels moved to White City and a new team was formed - the Cheetahs - under different promoters. Under Lawson Speedway on Wikipedia, he is attempting to archive his photos from that era so that entries on Speedway Riders and Speedway Venues can have photo illustrations with the text. Not all the photos are best quality - this was a live sport, usually evening run, with poor lighting conditions, dirt, and fast-moving objects. For the photo-technical - most photos were taken using ASA400, which means high grain and contrast. Additionally, the archive is a mix of scanned negatives and photos, not stored for posterity as they were considered to be ephemeral, i.e. worthy for immediate news content but not durable. His entire collection of hundred of photos from that period has been uploaded on Facebook at the "Speedway Friends" pages. Keith now lives in Poole.