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This page contains images that I have photographed. See the image gallery for a selection of my contributions from other sources.

Panthera onca.jpg
Jaguar (P. onca) • Commons featured picture


August-September 1998. Formosa Province.

Birds & Mammals[edit]

Ara chloropterus pair.jpg
Cyanocorax chrysops pair.jpg
Muscovy Cairina moschata.jpg

Insects & Reptiles[edit]

Caiman yacare.jpg
Caiman zoom.jpg

Costa Rica[edit]

December 1997-January 1998, Heredia Province. June 2001, NorthWest.

Birds & Mammals[edit]

Insects & Flowers[edit]

Arundina graminifolia.jpg
Apocynoideae allamanda.jpg

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October 2002.


October 2002.

Ireland coast sign.jpg
Stonehenge fall 2002.jpg
Wood Aix sponsa male.jpg
Irish duck female.jpg
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United States[edit]


Pachydiplax longipennis Blue Dasher 1500px.jpg
Pachydiplax longipennis Blue Dasher 05-1100px.jpg
Sympetrum madidum Meadowhawk 02-1500px.jpg
Sympetrum madidum Meadowhawk 01-1500px.jpg
Gallinula galeata Common Gallinule Florida 1500px.jpg
Gallinula galeata Common Gallinule Florida 750px.jpg
Florida lizard 1500px.jpg
Eumeces inexpectatus Five-lined Skink.jpg


MT Mountain Road.jpg
Mountain. Road.

June-July 1995. Blackfoot Indian Reservation. Browning, MT.

MT GlacierNP MtTop2.jpg
MT waterfall.jpg
MT GlacierNP Piegan1.jpg
MT GlacietNP Piegan2.jpg
MT GlacierNP Piegan3.jpg
MT GlacierNP MtTop.jpg

MT Buffalo Jump sd.jpg
MT Buffalo Jump frnt.jpg
MT Mountain River.jpg
MT Forest Fire Rapids.jpg
MT sunrise.jpg
MT dog Pete.jpg

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Brookfield Zoo[edit]

Brookfield, Illinois.

Ateles-geoffroyi 48090548.jpg
Ateles-geoffroyi 48090599.jpg

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo[edit]

Cleveland, Ohio.

Gorilla 03-13.jpg
Varecia-rubra 54726739.jpg
Eulemur-mongoz 59489762.jpg
Callicebus-donacophilus 09.jpg
Allenopithecus 54722194.jpg
Pithiecia-pithecia ppia-08.jpg
Alouatta-caraya ppia-f01.jpg
Alouatta-caraya ppia-m01b.jpg

Lincoln Park Zoo[edit]

Chicago, Illinois.

Trachypithecus francoisi 3399.jpg
Trachypithecus francoisi 3398.jpg
Cercopithecus-neg LP02b.jpg
Cercopithecus-neg LP05.jpg
Cercopithecus-neg LP07.jpg
Cercopithecus-neg LP09.jpg

Potawatomi Zoo[edit]

South Bend, Indiana.

Macropodidae 15.JPG
Macropodidae 18.JPG
Macropodidae 19.JPG
Macropodidae 13.JPG
Macropodidae 14.JPG
Macropodidae 20.JPG
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