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The Wikicommons tree of life has galleries and categories for many taxa, created by wounderful people who have been good enough to give of their time and knowledge in order to establish and maintain organization of the images of the earth’s living organisms. However, a lack of consensus about this catagorization continues and some areas (despite thorough binomial coverage) remain confusing. This page is yet one more attempt at remedying this situation.

Naming: scientific vs common[edit]

A previous consensus on the use of taxonomic classification and scientific naming established a clearly structured organization for the images of organisms within the TOL. But these images need to be accessible regardless of an individual’s previous knowledge of binomial nomenclature. Even those familiar with scientific naming would benefit from the addition of common names when searching through less familiar branches; knowledge of the cats (Felidae) certainly doesn’t ensure knowledge of mushrooms (e.g., Russulaceae).

Common names are currently used for some galleries and categories, but without consensus this does more harm than good. Inconsistant catagorization (e.g., placing a photo in Category:plants but not Category:Plantae) and useless redundancy only complicate matters. warring...

PROPOSAL: While continuing to primarily use scientific naming, more attention should be given to supplementing these with common names. See Category:Animals and the gallery Prosimians for examples. See below: Categories and Galleries for more details.


From Wikipedia Categorization:

An article should not be in both a category and its subcategory, for example w:Microsoft Office is in w:Category:Microsoft software, so should not also be in w:Category:Software.

Note: An exception would be an article that defines a category, and so is itself a parent article of subtopics as well as one in a series of like topics - for instance, placing Ohio in both Category:Political divisions of the United States and Category:Ohio; or New York City in both Category:Cities in New York and in Category:New York City.

Images and articles require somewhat different methods of categorization. This is especially apparent with the Tree of life images...

Catagorizing a gallery in not only the most specific subcategory applicable, but one of its parent or grandparent category creates an alphabatized list of related galleries that may be navigated with a table of contents. Again, this would hold for a gallery not categories, not the images themselves. This is an exception to the rule that would be useful throughout the TOL.

This being a media repository, the goal is to be able to find media. The variety of users of this site necessitates a vartiety of methods of searching and navigating. And categorization is set up to do this: TOL images could be organized under scientific and common names.

To be continued...

Catagory schemes[edit]

  • Primary: scientific names
  • Secondary: common names
  • Tertiary: biomes (habitats)

Taxonav templates[edit]

These templates create a uniform navigational header with a minimal amount of text. The numbers control the borders and seperators for format flexibility. If, for instance the templates would be useful elsewhere on a page. You may find these in use on the pages within the Category:Primates.

  • {{Taxonav regnum|Animalia|1|1|1}}
  • {{Taxonav phylum|Chordata|1|1|1}}
  • {{Taxonav classis|Mammalia|1|1|1}}
  • {{Taxonav ordo|Primates|1|1|1}}
  • {{Taxonav familia|Cercopithecidae|1|1|1}}
  • {{Taxonav subfamilia|Cercopithicinae|1|1|1}}
  • {{Taxonav genus|Macaca|1|1|1}}
  • {{Taxonav species|fascicularis|1|1|1}}
  • {{Taxonav common|Crab-eating Macaque}}


  • {{Template name|taxon|•|taxon border|• border}}
  • 0 = none
  • 1 = present
  • {{Taxonav regnum|Animalia|1|1|1}}
  • {{Taxonav phylum|Chordata|1|0|0}}
  • {{Taxonav classis|Mammalia|0|1|0}}


  • {{Taxonav Mammalia|1}}
  • {{Template name|•}}
    • 1 = • (after Mammalia)
    • 0 = none

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