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Hiya. This is my user page on wikipedia commons.

I would like firstly to thank User: Maschen for all his help on using Inkscape and creating svg images for Wikipedia.

My priority is creating useful, understandable, consistent math pages for our pupils/students and for ourselves as educators in the field.

If you need an image (or something changed on any of my images) - feel free to contact me. I certainly will try to help :)

I am ONLY interested

  • in people who think mathematics is a living, breathing subject that interacts with everyone's life throughout his life. I am TOTALLY NOT interested in showing off how difficult mathematics is and how wonderful and smart we are that we can understand it.
  • in people who actually work/teach in the field with live human beings, year after year after year. I am interested in every experience and helpful idea here. I am TOTALLY NOT interested in studies performed on sample sets of students by non-teachers.
Lfahlberg (talk) 17:14, 20 January 2014 (UTC)

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