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I am 凡其Fanchy 09:54, 14 May 2013 (UTC), born in Huangchuan, Henan, China. Currently, I live in Nanjing.
我是凡其Fanchy 09:54, 14 May 2013 (UTC),生于中国河南潢川。目前,我住在南京
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About the Chinese variants[edit]

zh-hans    //Simplified Chinese
zh-cn      //Chinese used in Mainland China (People's Republic of China)
zh-sg      //Chinese used in Singapore
zh-my      //Chinese used in Malaysia

These four languages above are mostly identical.

zh-hant    //Traditional Chinese
zh-hk      //Chinese used in Hong Kong SAR, P.R. China
zh-tw      //Chinese used in Taiwan (Republic of China)
zh-mo      //Chinese used in Macao SAR, P.R. China

These four languages above are mostly identical.

yue        //Yue Chinese, spoken mostly in Guangdong Province, P.R. China
zh-yue     //Same as yue
zh-min-nan //Literally southern Fujian Language, Fujian is a province of P.R. China
gan        //Gan Chinese, Spoken mostly in Jiangxi Province, P.R. China
gan-hans   //Simplified Gan Chinese
gan-hant   //Traditional Gan Chinese
wuu        //Spoken mostly in Zhejing Province, Shanghai and southern Jiangsu Province

I think language codes above should NOT be used in Wikimedia Projects, at least not for autotranslation. The languages they represent have no independent writen language system, nor are they related to any highly independent administrative regions. They only have highly independent phonetic systems. Usually, they are called dialects in China although some speakers insist that they are languages.

To avoid unnecessary problems, I strongly recommend that Commons and other projects use only zh-hans and zh-hant.

As for zh, it is ambiguous (simplified or traditional?). So I don't like it either.
zh-hans    //简体中文
zh-cn      //中国大陆(中华人民共和国)使用的中文
zh-sg      //新加坡使用的中文
zh-my      //马来西亚使用的中文


zh-hant    //繁体中文
zh-hk      //中华人民共和国香港特别行政区使用的中文
zh-tw      //台湾(中华民国)使用的中文
zh-mo      //中华人民共和国澳门特别行政区使用的中文


yue        //粤语
zh-yue     //粤语
zh-min-nan //闽南语
gan        //赣语
gan-hans   //简体赣
gan-hant   //繁体赣
wuu        //吴语