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Georg Elser Memorial in Berlin
Windmills in Berlin, Marzahner Bockwindmühle
U-Bahn train crossing the Landwehrkanal
High-Deck-Siedlung in Berlin-Neukölln
Church in Dümde, Nuthe-Urstromtal, built in 1793
Old tractor in the Planetal
Windmill in Groß Marzehns
Grosser Seddiner See
Industrial architecture of the "Founder Epoch" (Gründerzeit) on the Spree River in Berlin-Oberschöneweide

Lienhard Schulz lives in Berlin and works for the German-language Wikipedia, with a special focus on the history, culture and nature of Berlin and Brandenburg. For further information, or if you are interested in getting in touch, please have a look here.

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