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I, Me, Myself[edit]

About me

I created a username on Wikipedia on 24th April 2009, so that I don't make changes in articles with anonymous ISP addresses, so that I can have greater access rights and learn more... I've browsed wikipedia for years, since 2003, and I used to edit articles anonymously without a username... I wonder why I didnt create one earlier, it has been a great experience so far! :-) And a loooong way to go in the learning, I am sooo illiterate at wikiing! :-)
I then realised that it is better to upload images on wikimedia commons rather than wikipedia, so that is how I found myself here! :-)

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My notes[edit]

  1. The license category I should pick for the kind of files that I usually upload- {{self|GFDL|cc-by-sa-3.0}}
  2. Most files I upload will need [[Category:Photos taken with Nikon Coolpix cameras]]