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Hi, i'm a french citizen, i release my work using "free" licenses. But aside from the usual agreements included in any license i might use to publish my work, the article L. 121-1 of the code de la propriété intellectuelle force me to own a "moral right" that is perpetual and cant be sold or removed. This means 4 things :

  • I decide when i publish my work (art. 121-2 CPI)
  • I always keep the paternity of my work.
  • You have to respect my work (art. 121-1 & 121-5 CPI)
  • I can always retract from publishing a work. (art. L 121-4 CPI)

Please, take it in consideration when using or republishing my images, whatever the license, the law in your country, or the usages may say. Sorry, i can do nothing about that.


Lilyu by sunset.svg
  • Why are you publishing your work using the WTFPL tag ?
Because i cant release it in the "public domain", it's not possible according to French laws. But i dont like the CC licenses and GFDL, which i find quite annoying to use, and having too much restrictions. If you like my work tagged WTFPL and want to use it, go ahead, i dont care :)
  • But it's a real license ? I mean, i can really do whatever the fuck i want to ?
Regarding copying, distribution and modification, yes. Unless what you try to do is restricted by laws in your country, or mine... and no license can do anything about that. Take a look at template:WTFPL for more informations.
  • What do you mean? any example ?
Well, if you take one of my images, modify it to add nazi stuff and publish it with a title like "Lilyu support nazism in Wikipedia, and killing and eating peoples" with my "signature", i might sue your ass, if i did care about it. In fact, i wont, cause it's well known that i ... errr k, i will probably not, but the french laws say i could do so, whatever license or declaration i might have use or done.
  • Then, why some of your work is licensed CC or GFDL ?
Cause i'm also a Wikigraphist, this means i digitaly edit some pictures from other peoples, for Wikipedia or Commons, so i respect their licenses.


User:Lilyubot : i was needing a user target for tests, and i didn't wanted to continue to annoy friends like i used to do, so i resolved to create this, because i didn't found any file or user sandbox.

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