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Random mindfork.
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My work

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Contributions not directly concerning media
mainly: photography, interwiki links and language updates

Across all projects


Interwiki Links

Flag of Ireland.svg
Flag of Wales (1959–present).svg
Flag of Scotland.svg
ISO 639 Icon en.svg
English userpage
Flag of Germany.svg
Flag of Austria.svg
Flag of Liechtenstein.svg
ISO 639 Icon de.svg

Deutsche Benutzerseite

Flag of France.svg
Flag of Canada.svg
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Page d'utilisateur française


Settlement of Iceland.svg

Flag of Iceland.svg
ISO 639 Icon is.svg

Notandisíðan á íslensku

Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Karelia.svg
Coat of arms of the Cossack Hetmanat.svg
ISO 639 Icon ru.svg

Страница участникы по-русский

What I'm not involved in:

  • forum (emphasis! The "Lirion" there is not much of a smart fellow...)
  • flickR