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Mae fy nhudalen ar y Wici Cymraeg yma. My homepage on the Welsh Wicipedia is here
Fy ngolygiadau ar Comin / My edits on Commons

I believe in the rich diversity of culture and languages of this little planet of ours. Small is beautiful!

My latest projects include:

  1. over 6,100 aerial images uploaded taken with my DJI Mini Pro
  2. enabling a change of policy in Welsh Government; their videos now carry open licences. Here's a few, as a video diary of the Covid-19 pandemic in Wales (2020-22).
  3. creating 136,061 new articles using Wikidata etc on cywiki (October 2022).

My latest aerial videos[edit]

Alas! The quality of 4K HD videos on YouTube is much better! See my collection here, all on a CC open licence, of course!

Is Wales a country?[edit]

Well it's certainly not a mammal, or a stamp, a goldfish, a principality (!) or a Jimmy!

Every UK Prime Ministers in the last 30 years (at leat!) have used the terms 'country' and 'nation' to describe Wales, including Theresa May and Boris Johnson eg The Prime Minister's Website and Boris Johnson in the Telegraph. Also: Reuters, The Guradian, Health Foundation, FT, Head of ONS quoted on the BBC and Institute for Government.

Parent categories (Wales in Europe) as well as a sister category (UK)[edit]

Before you start deleting parent categories relevant to Wales (such as this one), please read this:

NO policies should over-ride the backbone of Wikimedia projectsL sources. Some editors, out of either ignorance, political motivation, or from not knowing enough about Wales are deleting the parent category such as [[:Category:Mathematicians by country|Wales]] from articles such as [[:Category:Mathematicians from Wales]] as they don't know that the sources all say that Wales is a country in the UK, in Europe and in the world. COM:OVERCAT actually lists 'countries' as exceptions to the rule:

Countries may be categorized as part of multiple overlapping categories. For example, Category:India is in Category:Countries of South Asia as well as Category:Countries of Asia.

Example Category:Finland has the following categories: Category:Countries of Europe, Category:The Nordic region|+ Finland, Category:Members of the European Union, Category:Northern Europe, Category:Subpolar regions, Category:Countries by name and Category:Subarctic. Here there are more than one parent categories, which goes against COM:OVERCAT, but is in line with the real world (solid references to solid sources). COM:OVERCAT needs to include further exceptions, such as these.

In the same manner, all sources dictate that Wales is a country, and that country is within Europe. It's not a sub-country, it's not a region, it's a country and a nation. See: w:Talk:Wales: The issue of whether Wales is a country or not has been repeatedly raised:

The result of all these debates is that Wales is indeed a country. This has been confirmed in formal mediation. The discussion is summarised in this archive here.

Wikimedia Commons does not restrict the definition of 'country' to 'States defined by UNESCO / UN'. All countries are countries. Wales is a country within geographical Europe; it is also a country within the United Kingdom, and the sources also agree with this.

It is therefore right for all categories pertinent to Wales to have both categories eg Category:Mathematicians from Wales should have both Category:Mathematicians from the United Kingdom and Category:Mathematicians by country|Wales.

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