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Mae fy nhudalen ar y Wici Cymraeg yma.

My homepage on the Welsh Wicipedia is here.

Parent categories (Wales in Europe) as well as a sister category (UK)

Before you start deleting parent categories relevant to Wales (such as this one), please read this:

COM:OVERCAT does not over-ride the backbone of Wikimedia projects, sources; it is not sacrosanct, and has exceptions. Some editors, out of either ignorance, political motivation, or from not knowing enough about Wales are deleting the parent category such as [[:Category:Mathematicians by country|Wales]] from articles such as [[:Category:Mathematicians from Wales]]. COM:OVERCAT lists 'countries' as exceptions to the rule.

Example Category:Finland has the following categories: Category:Countries of Europe, Category:The Nordic region|+ Finland, Category:Members of the European Union, Category:Northern Europe, Category:Subpolar regions, Category:Countries by name and Category:Subarctic. Here there are more than one parent categories, which goes against COM:OVERCAT, but is in line with the real world (solid references to solid sources). COM:OVERCAT needs to include further exceptions, such as these.

In the same manner, all sources dictate that Wales is a country, and that country is within Europe. It's not a sub-country, it's not a region, it's a country and a nation. See: w:Talk:Wales: The issue of whether Wales is a country or not has been repeatedly raised:

The result of all these debates is that Wales is indeed a country. This has been confirmed in formal mediation. The discussion is summarised in this archive here.

If this poll is not acceptable by Commons, then I shall open a new one, but the same conclusion will be reached, as the sources all agree that Wales is in fact a country.

Wikimedia Commons does not restrict the definition of 'country' to 'States defined by UNESCO / UN'. All countries are countries. Wales is a country within geographical Europe; it is also a country within the United Kingdom, and the sources also agree with this.

It is therefore right for all categories pertinent to Wales to have both categories eg Category:Mathematicians from Wales should have both Category:Mathematicians from the United Kingdom and Category:Mathematicians by country|Wales.