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Recent edit of importance[edit]

I made an edit to [[File:Mozart_-_Eine_kleine_Nachtmusik_-_1._Allegro.ogg]] to replace link rot with an archived source by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for the Readme regarding the license to which the recording is distributed. (for me personally of high priority.). Similar pages may have link rot as well.

Unidentified topic[edit]

I got a bit interested in the photo annotation plugin for mediawiki. User:Logictheo/imagenote-sandbox

One in Greek. Maybe could be useful to say all numbers, and then be used in a teaching wikibook project.

Category:Commons Babel[edit]


Musopen and public domain[edit]

On this page there is an outdated FAQ entry from the Musopen project,_Op._101_-_I._Etwas_lebhaft,_und_mit_der_innigsten_Empfindung.ogg

Musopen's updated faq can be found at