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What's to say here? I write mainly articles on Japanese history (on Wikipedia), and so most of my pictures that I upload are related to that topic. Also, I have spent time in Japan and Israel, so, as appropriate, I will upload photos I have taken.

I have been on hiatus for a few years now, focusing on other projects, but hope to eventually return to Wikipedia & WikiCommons. Lots to do :)

I hope to devote time and efforts to reorganizing and cleaning-up the Japanese art categories here on the Commons.

For more, see my User page on Wikipedia.

Japanese art categorization (partial)[edit]

This is meant to indicate some of the organizational work I have been doing, and to provide myself with helpful links.

Painters from Japan

Sumi-e painters
Tosa school painters
Rimpa school painters
Kyoto school painters
Kano school painters
Bunjin painters
Eccentric Japanese painters
Ukiyo-e artists
Modern painters from Japan