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This is the category scheme for images related to food and drink. It organizes categories to help finding images.

If you add a new category to the hierarchy, or otherwise change or remove any category, please change the following structure too. Please check whether the categories marked "see also" are duplicating other categories and move articles from one to the most appropriate category name.

Category tree[edit]

To see, which categories are up-to-date, have a look at Category tree.


  1. Category:Beverages
    1. Category:Alcoholic beverages
    2. Category:Coffee
    3. Category:Drinking
    4. Category:Fruit juices
    5. Category:Infusions
    6. Category:Milk
    7. ... and other


  1. Category:Chefs
    1. Category:Indian cooking


  1. Category:Cocoa


  1. Category:Cooking

Dining rooms[edit]

  1. Category:Dining rooms

Eating establishments[edit]

  1. Category:Eating establishments
    1. Category:McDonald's
    2. Category:Restaurants
    3. ... and other


  1. Category:Food
    1. Category:Food by country
      1. Category:Australian food
      2. Category:British Food
      3. Category:Venezuelan Food
      4. ... and other
    2. Category:Cereals
    3. Category:Fruit
    4. Category:Salads
    5. Category:Vegetarian food
    6. ... and other

Grocery stores[edit]

  1. Category:Grocery stores


  1. Category:Nutrition
    1. Category:Nutrients
    2. Category:Nutrition information

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