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     Manoj was born in 1970 in Raipur, weighing 4.99 KG. He now stands at 6feet, 5 inches, weighing in at 155KG. He is currently based in India's IT capitol, Bangalore, where he has a full schedule of work, leading Power Team India, performing power feat exhibitions, in India and internationally and speaking engagements, focused on excellence and positive values. Committed to developing young leaders on every continent of the world, Manoj has shared his insights in more than 40 countries, including the US, Australia, South Africa, Ecuador, Malaysia, Egypt, Korea, among others.

Manoj Chopra, who is India's Strongest Man, Asia's Strongest Man, and is ranking World's 14th Strongest Man and is a Guinness Book of World Records holder. The public has called him "Chattisgarh Giant" and "Bangalore Bhima". The media has called him, "Hercules", "Genial Giant", and "Strongest He-man". He's not just an athlete, a sports celebrity or a media darling.

 India's Strongman Champion
 Manoj Chopra is traveling the world motivating and inspiring young people from every culture and walk of life, these days. He remembers his own troubled youth and he has a deep conviction in his heart, that if you impart honor and vision to the young, there is a huge potential to transform the world's society. The energy of youth can be volatile if it cannot be directed to civic and personal responsibility. He has reached out to almost 40 million youth to date with his messages of family values, honor and education with great success. Manoj tries to lead the way to true success in life for every child in every society, who takes his message "Say yes to life and no to drugs." to heart. Even though many have more complex issues, no good change can start in anyone's life, if they give up and dive into the hell of drugs and alcohol, which are available even in the remotest corners of the Earth.
   World Strong Man Champion, Professional Power Lifter, Weight Lifter Arm Wrestling Indian champion. A speaker in more than 3,000 schools worldwide. Motivational programs in all the state in India 40 countries including Australia, Canada, USA, Denmark, Korea, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Athens, Europe, Gulf, Middle east, Malaysia ,Vietnam and much more Manoj Chopra is a man who loves to see people succeed. Manoj is a ESPN strong man that you may have seen on CNN, FOX, ESPN, ABC, USA Today or Sports Illustrated or lot off different tv news channel. He is also an entrepreneur as well as a motivational speaker. Manoj Chopra did his education (BA) in India Raipur Chhattisgarh and he was very much active in lot of different sports and he was gold medalist in India. After college, Manoj started working towords strongman competition and 2004 he was the first India who went to world strong man cup in the history of India 1st Indian to participate to that competition in Canada
    Using his own personal story of academic struggles, Manoj demonstrates to students that "you don't have to be great to get started, you just have to get started to be GREAT." When he began to have academic success, he relates that learning and knowledge increases the opportunities to have a better future. The students attention is captured by the great feats of strength in the program that made him a champion in Strongman competitions and opens the door for Manoj to advise and encourage his audience to seek the honorable and positive paths available in life.