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This page belongs to a bot[edit]

It is controlled by MGA73.

Bot is planned to cleanup file info. For example add a self template and put license templates in that. Another example is cleanup in files transferred to Commons.

Old info

It has a good friend User:MGA73bot that works on the pywikipedia framework and is mainly used on the Danish Wikipedia. One of the things it is used to is to transfer images to commons. On Commons the bot will place the files in Category:Files moved from da.wikipedia to Commons requiring review and after I have transferred a number of files, I'll need to check them manually.

The MGA73bot2 assist in cleaning up in these images since not all templates on dawiki can be converted to commons' templates. All changes are checked manually during and after the botrun.

The bot also helps finding categories for uncategorized images and it also assisted in the migration project.

So if you have anything to say please contact me on my talk page --> User talk:MGA73.

Why do we need all those empty categories?

I created a lot of categories (see Commons:Batch_uploading/Geograph/cat-matrix) in a preparation for a huge upload from Geograph that contains 1,5 million images (see Commons:Batch uploading/Geograph). If we do not create the categories before images is uploaded, then the images will end up in a few huge categories.