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This user is a robot operated infrequently by Makthorpe.

This user account is a bot operated by Makthorpe (talk). It is not a sock puppet, but rather an automated or semi-automated account for making repetitive edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.
Administrators: if this bot is malfunctioning or causing harm, please block it.

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Please direct all questions regarding the operation of the bot to Mak's user talk page.

MakBot recent change list

planned work[edit]

  • In progress now
    • Small cleanups related to the first pass of the Place Name conversion (see below).
    • On Hold- Notification messages for the second pass. Waiting on Bot flag so we don't flood the RC list.
  • Upcoming
    • Second pass of conversions of Categories violating the [Object] of [place name] pattern. For info see Commons:By_location_category_scheme. Approximately 900 categories affected (less than half of the first pass. A list will be posted shortly.
    • Process collections of categories by country to alphabetize lists.
    • Process collections of occupations and other people categories to convert to [occupation] from [placename]. Not going to be ridiculous about it, but largely it should be a uniform pattern.

Policies- self imposed[edit]

  • Planned work announced at least a day in advance. Excepting uploads.
  • Prior two week announcements on affected pages for potentially controversial changes.
  • Mention of any large runs of note in Village pump.
  • Server loading issues- Treading lightly
    • 8-14 second delays between writes.
    • delaying runs if server loading appears to be high, or that maintenance tasks appear to be going on.
  • Published Scheme and/or a publicized talk page discussion establishing concensus for anything major
  • Maintain a list of upcoming runs of any significance on the MakBot page.
  • For anything big, prior trial runs followed by days of waiting for complaints in order to flush out any unexposed issues or errors in the bot.
  • Accurate messages for an edit with links for ease of monitoring the bot's activities.
  • The bot will not be used for Edits that have not been vetted with the above mentioned process.

Other Random Notes[edit]

  • Bot flag vote I know MakBot's edits will occassionally flood people's watchlist and this can be annoying. Earlier I stated I would not apply for a bot flag, but if you want to be able to hide MakBot's edits by clicking "Hide bot" in the watchlist, then vote for the MakBot bot flag. I am indifferent on the matter and shall not vote.
  • This is not a request bot. However if there is some emergency need, please don't hesitate to contact me.
  • Commons only bot- MakBot is a commoner and doesn't go out to other wiki's to do edits at this time. Possibly in the future MakBot might leave
    {{Commons|[commons page]}} markers , or NCTs
    as a bi-product of some other effort if I happen to be touching their pages.

History of work[edit]

  • 2005-07-28 Various clean up runs and reversions of disputed category moves.
  • 2006-07-21 First pass Adjective Placename conversions
  • 2006_07-14 Small sniff test run of Adjectival Placename assault- The "A" list of categories
  • 2006-06 Advance warnings pages for Adjectival Placename switchover project 6/2006.
  • 2006-06 New bot.