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HondaS2000-004.pngThis user is a member of WikiProject Automobiles.

My Earliest Photo

1930 Ford Model A Special, 4th February 2009.

New Reg Spotting

18 Reg (3rd March 2018)
68 Reg (30th August 2018)
19 Reg (20 February 2019)

Hello, My name is Adam C and I am 20 years old but Vauxford is my preferred username. I am an avid car spotter and car enthusiast! I joined Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons on 20th December 2016.

My hobby is photographing high quality photos of vehicles seen on the road or at shows. (My favourites are everyday cars, especially between late 70s, 80s and late 90s) as well the newest models and facelifts. I also cover a bit of architecture as well (Chapels, Landmarks etc).

My Quality Images[edit]

My favourite Vehicle Photographers:

1. Charles01: Why I love his pictures so much is how he took them at the times where these cars were brand new and travelled to other European places like Greece or Germany, ranging between 1970s to early 1990s, its like a time capsulise where you can see a car in a condition you will never see today, no matter how well you restored or cared for it. He also take quality pictures of cars before 1970s and below where he attend classic car shows hosted in fields.

2. Randy43 (Rudolf Stricker): Why I love his work and what inspired me of taking pictures of rare and unique cars both front and rear angle. His work is consist of perfect pictures of European production cars from almost every generation and facelift both front and rear.

3. IFCAR: An American who pretty much took pictures of every American car on the US roads and car parks imaginable with front view and sometimes rear view as well, whenever you look for that one 80s American boxy sedan or a lazy rebadge that didn't sell very well, he would have taken a picture of it.

4. Navigator84: A French photographer who often travelled to China, is another fantastic user from his mass documentation of pictures of every cars produced by Chinese car manufacturers you will see on the road if you ever come to China. Most of them often have generic designs and have no significant characteristic within them but they are super interesting to learn about, due to the ever expanding market in China there are countless of manufacturers popping up and producing new marque and models. It a entirely new field for me to explore.

5. OSX: Australian of IFCAR where he takes pictures of a mix of well-kept European and American cars and cars that only from the land down under as well as contribution heavily towards the WikiProject Automobiles and the way we present information about automobiles. He also upload vast amount of images from Flickr accounts and the same on his alt OSX 2. He retired back in 2016.

My Automobile Library as of 30th October 2018. Now mostly filled with folders full of car brochures and in the draws.

I also own a library dedicated to the subjects with all the indispensable reference books that been used to create hundred of Wikipedia articles about the history of the motor car. From 13th April, I have started to collect vehicle brochures and magazines.

Books I Own
  • Complete Catalogue of British Cars 1895-1975
  • A-Z of Cars of the 1920s
  • A-Z of Cars of the 1930s
  • A-Z of Cars of the 1945-1970
  • A-Z of Cars of the 1970s
  • A-Z of Cars of the 1980s
  • A-Z of Cars of the 1990s
  • Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile (3 Volume edition)
  • Automobil Revue Katalog 1991 to 2017
  • Every edition of the Observers Book of Automobiles (Including the rare 1955 US edition with the 2 extra pages that wasn't included in the normal print.)
  • Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942 3rd Edition
  • Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975 4th Edition
  • Standard Catalog of American Cars 1976-1999 3rd Edition
  • Standard Catalog of Imported Cars 1946-2002 2nd Edition
  • American Cars, 1946–1959: Every Model, Year by Year
  • American Cars, 1960–1972: Every Model, Year by Year
  • American Cars, 1973-1980: Every Model, Year by Year
  • Car of the 40's and 50's
  • Car of the Early 60's
  • Encyclopedia of American Cars
  • Deutsche Autos 1920 - 1945
  • Encyklopedia Samochodow Terenowych (Basically a encyclopedia of off road vehicles)

and many more!

In total as of 22th February 2018 I own about 215+ books.


Category link below containing every car photos I took. They are sorted by decades as well as car shows and museum I went to. There also categories for my photos of roads and structures and miscellaneous subjects.[edit]

Photographs by Vauxford