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These are all photographs that I took. A link in the caption indicates where the image is used on various Wikipedias.

Feel free to edit this page with updates on usage.

Contact me with any requests. I have extensive photos of sculptures from collections in Paris, Firenze, and Roma that I have not yet uploaded. I have less exhaustive photos from other locations such as Ermitage and Museums in Spain. If you are interested in a famous Italian statue, chances are I have about 10 different angles taken of it. I will upload anything that people express specific interest in. Leave a note on my talk page. -Mak

Antonio Canova[edit]

Canova:The Three Graces:Ermitage Museum, St. Petersburg[edit]

Canova:Maddalena Penitente:Ermitage Museum, St. Petersburg[edit]

Canova:Hebe:Ermitage Museum, St. Petersburg[edit]

Canova:Hebe:Ermitage Museum, St. Petersburg[edit]

Canova:Psyche Revived By Cupids Kiss:Louvre Room 4[edit]

Canova:Other photos[edit]


Michelangelo:Crouching boy:Ermitage Museum, St. Petersburg[edit]

Giuseppe Mazzuoli- protege of Bernini[edit]

Mazzuoli: Death of Adonis: Ermitage Museum, St. Petersburg[edit]

Lorenzo Bartolini[edit]

Bartolini:Fiducia in Dio (Faith in God): Ermitage Museum, St. Petersburg[edit]

Bartolini:Nymph with a Scorpion: Ermitage Museum, St. Petersburg[edit]