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Panorama of the Kangchenjunga massif, from Tiger Hill, Darjeeling.

A few units of information about me:

  • I am a professional artist living in Brooklyn, NY.
  • I am 71 years old.
  • I have been married 49 years.
  • I have lived in many parts of the USA, from north to south and east to west, as well as in Italy (Florence) for seven years, and in Israel for three years.
  • I am a member of the working class ("the class of people who are engaged in manual labor, or are dependent upon it for support").
  • Most of the education I have is self-education -- aside from technical training in various aspects of the visual arts, and in some crafts -- in which I have many years of professional training in non-academic settings.
  • I have an ongoing interest in Stoic philosophy as an ethical way of life.