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I am Malcolmxl5. You may find me mostly taking snapshots of York, England.

Listed buildings[edit]

Aldwark, York[edit]

Bedern, York[edit]


Bishophill Senior, York[edit]

Bishopthorpe Road, York[edit]

Blake Street, York[edit]

Bootham, York[edit]

Castle Mills, York[edit]

Castlegate, York[edit]

Cemetery Road, York[edit]

Chapter House Street[edit]

College Street, York[edit]

Colliergate, York[edit]

Coney Street, York[edit]

Coppergate, York[edit]

Cromwell Road, York[edit]

Dean's Park[edit]

Duncombe Place, York[edit]

East Parade, York[edit]

Exhibition Square, York[edit]


Foss Island Road, York[edit]

Fossgate, York[edit]

George Street, York[edit]

Gillygate, York[edit]

Goodramgate, York[edit]

Grape Lane[edit]

Heworth Green, York[edit]

Heworth Village, York[edit]

High Petergate, York[edit]

Jewbury & St Maurice's Road, York[edit]

King's Manor, York[edit]

King's Staith, York[edit]

Lawrence Street, York[edit]

Leeman Road, York[edit]

Lendal, York[edit]

Little Stonegate, York[edit]

Lord Mayor's Walk, York[edit]

Marygate, York[edit]

Micklegate, York[edit]

Minster Yard, York[edit]

Monk Stray, York[edit]

Monkgate, York[edit]

Museum Gardens, York[edit]

Museum Street, York[edit]

Navigation Road, York[edit]

New Walk, York[edit]

North Street, York[edit]

Nunnery Lane, York[edit]

Ogleforth, York[edit]

Patrick Pool, York[edit]

Pavement, York[edit]

Peasholme Green, York[edit]

Precentors Court, York[edit]

Priory Street, York[edit]

Rougier Street, York[edit]

St Andrewgate, York[edit]

St Leonard's Place, York[edit]

St Saviour's Place, York[edit]

St Saviourgate, York[edit]


Skeldergate, York[edit]

Stonegate, York[edit]

Tanner Row[edit]

Terry Avenue, York[edit]

Tower Street, York[edit]

Trinity Lane, York[edit]

Victor Street, York[edit]

Walmgate, York[edit]

Wellington Row[edit]