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Busy desk.svg Wikipedia editor Marcus went to South India in November 2007 for 4 months to visit other Wikipedians
and take photographs for inclusion in the Protected areas of South India articles he has been editing.
Please contact him especially if you edit articles about and are in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka or Goa.
You can E-mail this user. He will reply.

Marcus 334: I live in Hyannis Port, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. I am a Biologist, Engineer, Project Manager, Sailboat Captain and an Innkeeper.

My Other Interests[edit]

Being in Palani hills, Tamil Nadu, India, hiking along Kodaikanal-Munnar Road from Top Station, Camping in Manjampatti Valley caves. Wikipedia User


Reasons for working on this Protected areas of India topic are:

  • Concern about degradation of the culture and habitat of the native nomadic Palaiyar tribes people who have lived in remote caves of this area for millenniums.
  • Concern about recent human intrusion into this Wilderness area, especially illegal forest clearing and agriculture.
  • Concern about the resulting reduction or extinction of the high proportion of endemic species of flora and fauna in these unique South Western Ghats montane rain forests.
  • To stimulate awareness and action to reverse the above intrusion and degradation, including promotion of the new Palani Hills National Park, and stepped up enforcement of existing wilderness protections. Marcus334 Marcus334 (talk) 23:13, 29 October 2008 (UTC)